Investment criteria

BBBC acquires chosen companies whose owners no longer want to, or who are no longer in the position to successfully solve special situations such as

  • Strategic, earnings or liquidity crisis
  • Lack of succession company
  • Lack of resources to deal with growth
  • Technological upheavals: economic problems due to the neglect of important investments in the modernising of the business areas, which no longer belong to the core business

on their own. The companies should be able to demonstrate a turnover sum of at least € 1 mill.  and have their head office in the German-speaking region.


At the same time the companies must fulfil the following demands:

  • Proof of marketability of the business model has been produced
  • Intact customer base
  • Immediate begin of the financial and operational value-enhancement measures possible

The focus is on the manufacturing trade and with consumer goods companies. Primarily majority involvement is acquired (in the case of greater involvement with partners).


BBBC guarantees the transferors

  • Individual solutions, fair with respect to the interests of all partners involved
  • Generating of value within and without the insolvency
  • Active restoration to profitability and restructuring
  • Fast professional transaction (= planning security for the seller)

BBBC offers a long-term perspective to the involvement. Because the company’s own capital is invested the exit must not happen at a certain point in time.