BBBC = Consultation + Partnership + Equity Investment + Capital

Consultation: Pragmatic, holistic and sustained solutions for medium-sized companies. BBBC supports you with specialist knowledge on management subjects and in coping with special situations in the company. Legal and tax advice only takes place through our chosen partners.

Partnership: Active management and coaching of companies in the consultancy activity or though its own involvement.  BBBC stands out through its own business experience and a long-term, implementation-orientated scope of care and sees itself, in the role of supplementing management as a “sparring partner” in situations which are demanding and which are connected to processes of change.

Equity Investment: The businesslike approach is reflected in the core of BBBC – the gaining of chosen companies in special situations (also see investment criteria). In this way BBBC consciously takes risks in the form of company responsibility, however, it also profits from the prospects of successfully coping with the special situations.

Capital: BBBC supports the requirement for capital of middle-sized companies with intelligent financing products (factoring, Mezzanine, investment loans, equity etc.). After a structuring of the required financial requirement and the choice of the adequate form of financing means the accompaniment of the positioning takes place.

 BBBC is a contact for:

  • Companies
  • Family-owned companies
  • Banks and credit institutes
  • Concerns and holding companies
  • Associated companies
  • Receivers